Year-Round Perks of Using Propane in Your Home

- 5:15 pm - February 19th, 2019

Whether or not spring is coming early this year, there’s one fuel, which is a favorite among many Pennsylvania homeowners, that will always come in handy – Propane! One of the many benefits of using propane is its versatility, making the transition from low temperatures to high temperatures seamless and, well, comfortable!

Here are just a few reasons that propane is a great fuel for comfort in every season

  • Fueling Generators: Propane is perfect for running generators, which in turn are ideal for keeping your home’s electrical system up and running in case of inclement weather, construction, or an accident that causes a power outage.

  • Pool Heating & Hot Tubs: Why wait until the summer to start making use of your swimming pool? With a propane-fueled heater, swimming season begins when you want it to!

  • Cooking & Grilling: It’s not spring without backyard BBQs, but even during the fall and winter, tailgating and game-day parties will be in full swing! Propane is a great way to grill up some delicious meals to keep your guests fed.

  • Deck Warmers & Fire pits: Don’t let the weather decide if you can enjoy your deck or patio – propane-fueled deck warmers and fire pits add both ambience and comfort to your outdoor escape in every season!

Let’s hope that Punxsutawney Phil was right, and we’ll see an earlier spring this year! In the meanwhile, don’t forget to keep your tanks full – that goes for both our propane and heating oil customers! A full tank can protect your storage tank and heating system from costly repairs, so enroll in automatic delivery to keep your tank full, and your mind at ease! Contact us online today to learn more.