UltraGuard™ Keeps Your Heating Oil and Your Heating System Clean

ultraGuard.pngWhen you get your heating oil from Harris Comfort you can rest assured that the fuel in your tank is not just clean and efficient, but also safe for your heating equipment. Oilheat is a safe and clean fuel that produces few emissions to begin with, but we make it even safer and cleaner by infusing our heating oil with the UltraGuard™ fuel additive.

UltraGuard™ contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, a corrosion inhibitor and a metal demulsifier, which work in concert to break down any sludge that's built up in your oil tank, while keeping your heating system's filter, strainer and nozzle clean and free of blockage. This ensures a continuous, uninterrupted oil flow and a cleaner burn that heats your home more quickly and efficiently. It also extends the life of your heating equipment and ensures optimum heating system performance.

Every drop of heating oil delivered by Harris Comfort is pre-blended with UltraGuard™ before it reaches your home, so you don't have to make any additional purchases or sign up for any special services to experience its benefits. All you have to do is turn your heating system on and enjoy the enhanced comfort, improved indoor air quality, and lower fuel costs. That's right, UltraGuard™ lowers your energy expenses too! Because heating oil infused with UltraGuard™ is more efficient, you don't have to burn (or buy) as much of it to heat your home.

UltraGuard™ is just one more example of how Harris Comfort remains committed to providing customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the highest-quality products and services. To find out more about why Harris Comfort's heating oil is the best choice for your home, visit our Oilheat Advantages page.