Winter Fuel Costs Made Easy

- 9:18 am - April 19th, 2017

When it comes to your heating fuel cost, a large portion of it (approximately 80%) is paid for between the months of November and March. Getting in on a budget plan with Harris Comfort can make all the difference, but in case you need help understanding just how the budget plan works, let’s break it down.

Typically, through the warm months, you’re not worried about your heating oil bill because that’s finally in the past, along with winter and blizzards. In the fall, as it gets a bit colder, you start getting those fuel deliveries coming in every so often as your heating system starts seeing a big more use. You pay your bills without a problem because they’re still fairly infrequent.

But then, winter strikes. The cold air settles back in and your heating system is running almost non-stop. The fuel deliveries come more often now, and those bills are stacking up, and you ask yourself if there’s a way to avoid this from happening next year. Harris Comfort says yes, and that’s exactly where the budget plan comes in! 

What the budget plan does is it takes your fuel cost for the year and divides it up into even monthly payments. Yes, this means that “spring time you” is getting a jump on heating oil bills, but it also means that “winter time you” can worry a lot less about them. It helps alleviate the stress of the heating system on yourself and your wallet. Contact Harris Comfort today to get your enrollment process started.