What the Size of Your AC Means for Your Summer Comfort

- 4:57 pm - April 13th, 2021

Pennsylvania homeowners might think that bigger is always better, but when it comes to their air conditioning system that isn’t always the case! Conversely, there is such thing as going too small as well. So what’s the right answer?

An air conditioning system that fits perfectly in your home!

The reason there’s no one-size-fits-all AC system is because everybody’s needs and homes are different – and an improper fit means a difficult time enjoying the comforts of home. Here’s why!

Equipment that is too small will…

  • Run almost indefinitely, unable to reach the set temperature and increasing energy costs

  • Not be able to effectively remove moisture from the air, leaving the home feeling humid

  • Deliver very little or no airflow, prompting homeowners to crank up the system – which only helps to raise utility costs!

Equipment that is too large will…

  • Cycle on and off constantly, increasing wear and tear on the equipment and potential repair needs

  • Use more energy each time it has to start back up again

  • Create uneven temperatures throughout the home and provide poor humidity control

A properly sized AC system helps homeowners avoid spiking utility costs, needless repairs and poor humidity control – which is all too important for the typically hot and humid summer season! Call or contact us online today to learn more about properly sized AC equipment.