Warm Your Holiday Heart

- 10:10 am - December 5th, 2016

family1.jpgWhile some forecast a long, brutal winter, others say an “average” Northeast cold season is just as likely. But anyone who has spent any time in these parts will tell you, that’s pretty much the same thing! No matter what kind of winter Mother Nature points our way, Harris Comfort can get your heat on and keep it on through the holidays and beyond. We’re talking about much more than heating oil delivery, we’re talking your entire system -- from before the first drop of oil hits your tank until those first welcoming waves of warmth float into your living space on a cold day.

In fact, in some cases, our service starts even before you have a tank. We offer expert tank installation that sets you up with the perfect oil tank to serve your family reliably and safely for decades to come. If you’re upgrading, we also offer expert tank removal. Once you’ve got your tank in place, you’re going to need oil. Our convenient automatic delivery program guarantees you’ll have premium oil in the tank to warm up even the bitterest winter night. Automatic delivery means you’ll never have to worry about freezing out your guests because the fuel ran out during your holiday festivities; we keep track of your oil for you, and we’ve got plenty to keep your tank filled no matter what winter brings.

If something should go wrong with your system, our experts are on call to get the heat back on as quickly as possible. Of course, the best way to protect your family and your equipment is with a Harris Comfort Service Plan. Three heating oil plans are available to suit any family’s needs and budget. A service contract is the best way to ensure uninterrupted comfort and maximum system efficiency, and keep your energy costs to a minimum. Our technicians are available 24/7, even during extreme weather conditions, even on Christmas Eve. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of annual system check-ups, discounted parts and labor, and priority emergency service. Enrolling is easy! Simply choose the service plan that works for you by logging on to our account management system and visiting the "Services" tab. If you have any questions, you can also call us at (215) 968-7477 if you’re in Pennsylvania or (609) 386-4658 if you’re in New Jersey, or contact us online … we’re always happy to answer all your questions.

We do comfort -- it’s even part of our name! Rest assured, you can trust Harris Comfort to keep you and your family comfortable through the holidays, through the winter and through the year.