Taking the Steps to Prep for the Heating Season

- 3:22 pm - September 9th, 2020

As Pennsylvania’s trusted full-service home comfort provider, we’re ready to help you get everything in order so you can enjoy a warm and cozy space during this heating season! Our wide range of heating products and services are available – so check out what we have to offer and start gearing up for the cooler weather.

How can we help you this heating season?

Heating Equipment Installation

Whether your home doesn’t have a central heating system or you’re looking to upgrade your current heating system, we sell and install modern furnaces and boilers that are sure to keep you and your family comfortable.

Heating Equipment Maintenance

It’s not enough to have the latest heating equipment, you need to maintain it as well! Annual tune-ups from Harris Comfort can provide the necessary maintenance needed to keep your heating equipment running efficiently and reliably year after year.

Automatic Heating Oil & Propane Deliveries

Whether you use heating oil or propane to fuel your home comfort equipment, we provide an automatic delivery service that allows us to make deliveries when you need it! You won’t have to worry about checking fuel levels, calling to place an order for delivery or waiting around for the delivery.

Comfort Controls

Heating equipment isn’t the only thing improving as the years go by! Thermostats are getting smarter and more intuitive, allowing access from virtually anywhere through the use of smartphone apps and a Wi-Fi connection. Looking for precise control over your heating equipment? We’ve got it!

Now you know how we can help you this heating season. So pick up the phone and call or contact us online to start discussing the ways we can prepare your home for whatever the winter of 2020-2021 has in store for us.