Tune Up Your Heating System

- 11:34 am - September 10th, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Summer’s winding down, the kids are back in school, and the cold weather is right around the corner. With the hustle and bustle of morning routines and autumn cleanings after a relaxing summer, it’s easy for your heating system’s operational status to get lost in the shuffle. But if you haven’t had your heating system inspected in some time, you’re taking a serious gamble. Experiencing an unexpected heating system malfunction on a cold Pennsylvania December night is hardly ideal. That’s why this back-to-school season we’re giving you a little refresher course of our own about the benefits of a total tune-up from Harris Comfort.

There’s a reason why our Comfort Service Plans include tune-up service; a tune-up performed by one of our expert service technicians will ensure that your system is working properly this heating season and can extend its life span so that you can continue to count on it for many more heating seasons to come. Here are some other benefits of Harris Comfort’s total tune-up.

  • Savings off of your annual fuel bills: A tune-up decreases the amount of fuel your system uses, reducing your annual energy expenses by up to five percent or more.
  • Reduction in fuel burning: With your system working at optimal efficiency, you'll be conserving energy and helping the environment.
  • Preventive maintenance: When performing an annual tune-up, our technician can discover problems with your heating system before they require inconvenient and costly repairs.

A regular tune-up is vital if you want to avoid an untimely system breakdown, so don’t wait to get your system tuned up. As the weather gets colder, our technicians will get busier with repairs. Schedule your tune-up today to get an appointment time that works best for you. Contact Harris Comfort to get peace of mind to last the entire heating season.