So You Don’t Think You Need a Generator?

- 10:35 am - August 14th, 2017

Do you remember where you were on August 27, 2011? Chances are, you were in the dark … that was the day Hurricane Irene — one of the worst storms to hit Pennsylvania this decade — roared through the Philadelphia area. For more than a half million inconvenienced residents, it wasn’t just Hurricane Irene, it was Goodnight, Irene!

After Irene, we continued to witness the power of Mother Nature and the effect it has on those not prepared for it. In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy left nearly 1.3 homes in Pennsylvania without power for weeks. In March 2017, a fire at a PECO substation kept over 30,000 residences in the dark. And, most recently, a thunderstorm passing through in June caused blackouts for 25,000 homes.

Were you one of the lucky few? Or were you one of those residents who nervously watched your food spoil and your cell phone battery drain minute by minute? Whether or not you escaped Mother Nature’s wrath that time, you can be prepared when the next storm hits. The solution is as simple as a Generac generator from Harris Comfort! 

Why do we recommend a whole-house generator? Here are five benefits that provide all the reason you’ll need: 

  • Automatic backup power
  • Comfort and safety during emergencies
  • No interruption to necessities such as heating, cooling and lights
  • No disruption to the family routine as phone chargers, computers, TVs, washer/dryers and more stay powered
  • Powers refrigerators and freezers, eliminating the risk of food contamination and waste due to spoilage.

Harris Comfort is proud to offer the latest state-of-the-art products from Generac, the #1 manufacturer of home backup generators — in a variety of power capacities to meet any family’s need. When you purchase a generator from Harris Comfort, you’ll get much more than just a generator; you’ll also get an expert installation! A permanently installed Generac backup generator protects your home automatically and seamlessly. It can run on natural gas or liquid propane, and sits inconspicuously outside your home like a central air conditioning unit.

These installed generators provide power directly to your electrical system, and can power the essential items you need to get through any outage, or even your entire home. You don't even have to worry about starting or stopping your generator — it does that automatically, whether you're home or away.

For even more protection, you can top it off with one of our comprehensive generator maintenance programs.  These programs not only keep your generator properly maintained, but also ensure that your generator will be there to provide the backup power you need when you need it.