Seven DIY Spring Savings Tips

- 2:24 pm - March 29th, 2016

Spring is a great time to cut back on your energy usage and lower your annual home comfort costs. With temperatures high enough to turn your heater off, but low enough to keep the air conditioner off, the temperate spring weather puts you in control. Below are seven tips to use the spring weather to your advantage and save big on energy in the coming months. These cost little to no money to implement, and can leave extra money in your pocket to spend on something fun for the season.

  1. Keep drapes, blinds and shades shut during daytime hours to block out hot sunlight. 
  2. If the temperature outside is lower than the indoor temperature, give your air conditioner a break and open a window for fresh, breezy air.
  3. Cook on your outdoor grill whenever possible to keep cooking heat outside your home. 
  4. When you do cook inside, use a microwave instead of a conventional oven. A microwave uses less than half the energy, cooks food in a quarter of the time, and generates far less indoor heat.
  5. Install reflective window coatings to deflect heat away from your home. 
  6. Use ceiling fans to cool your home. Ceiling fans are much cheaper to operate than air conditioners, and moving air feels cooler, so you can keep your thermostat setting higher. Be sure your fan is spinning counterclockwise in the spring and summer.
  7. Plant shade trees due west of your home. By simply limiting the sunlight that enters your home, shade trees could reduce the cost of your air conditioning bills by up to 25%.

By putting these pointers into practice, you can cut down on unnecessary use of appliances, increase your home’s energy efficiency and bring natural comfort closer to your everyday life, all without a heavy investment. To learn more about the products and services we offer, visit our products page or contact Harris Comfort today.