Second String Seamlessness

- 9:18 am - November 11th, 2015

Just as a professional football team never takes the field without a reliable backup quarterback, you shouldn’t enter the unpredictable Pennsylvania winter without a backup generator at the ready. High winds, heavy rain, and winter snowstorms can cause power outages that will leave you stuck without many of the appliances you require on a daily basis – that is, unless you have a Generac® home backup generator!

With your trusty Generac, you’ll be prepared for any challenge Mother Nature throws your way. We provide home backup generators that come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you’re sure to find the generator that will fit your needs as well as your budget. Most of our available generators are equipped with automatic transfer switches that power on when the main power goes out and power down when it is restored – all without skipping a beat. With this convenient and energy-conscious feature, you’ll be able to continue about your day without the inconvenience of an unpowered home.

In addition to providing dependable Generac generators, Harris Comfort also offers three Generator Maintenance Agreements, which provide all the back-up you need for your back-up generator. With available annual oil changes, tune-ups and discounts, these plans will help keep your generator running efficiently, so that you’ll never waste fuel or hard-earned money. If you’re serious about efficiently protecting your family and your home, you’ll want to sign up for a Generator Maintenance Agreement.

Contact Harris Comfort to select your Generac generator today, and click here to view the terms of our Generator Maintenance Agreements.