Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump

- 5:43 pm - September 19th, 2018

As technology advances, our lives become easier, cars become safer and phones become more intuitive. So, it makes sense that even when it comes to heating your home during the winter, things have gotten easier! Thanks to Mitsubishi’s Electric Heat Pumps, you can have your ideal level of warmth and comfort without sacrificing space or money!

Benefits you can enjoy with a new Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump: 

  • Uses 25-50% less energy to heat your home
  • Utilizes allergen filtration to reduce germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Provides year-round comfort, able to cool in the summer as well
  • Requires no ductwork, making installation quick and easy

In addition to these benefits, heat pumps allow you to selectively control the temperature in different rooms so you’re not using energy to warm up unoccupied spaces. This is also great for homes where a basement or garage might need to be kept at warmer or cooler temperatures than other rooms inside the home. 

What’s more, for a limited time, you can earn $400 in rebates when you purchase a new Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump through Harris Comfort!These rebates are yours in addition to the long-term savings you’ll see when you use less money to warm up your home. This offer is available from September 17, 2018 – November 23, 2018. Call or contact Harris Comfortfor complete details, eligibility and restrictions.