Safety Tips for Your Standby Generator

- 10:57 am - March 11th, 2021

You’ve made the right decision to protect your home and comfort with an emergency backup generator installed by Harris Comfort! Now, your lights will stay on and your family will stay safe during a power outage – but you can help maintain peace of mind in your home with some great safety tips for your emergency generator!

Here are a few things you should understand in order to make sure your generator is ready to go!

1)      Routine Maintenance – Have a qualified Harris Comfort service technician check your generator and venting systems annually.

2)      Appliance Protection – Televisions, computers, and other voltage-sensitive electronics should not be powered by an emergency generator unless they’re protected with a surge protection device.

3)      Propane Awareness – Be wary of propane leaks in your home! If you smell propane – commonly compared to that of a rotten egg odor or skunk spray – leave the area immediately and contact Harris Comfort or your local fire department!

4)      Carbon Monoxide Savvy – Carbon monoxide (or CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is both dangerous and very difficult to detect without CO detectors. Install these devices in every bedroom and on every floor of the home.

With these things in mind you should be able to stay safe while staying comfortable – and avoid being stuck in the dark during the next big storm to hit our area! If you have any questions, or need a new standby generator installed for your home, contact us online.