On the Road to Home Heating Comfort

- 2:39 pm - September 8th, 2017

Depending on where you live, the morning commute can be pretty rough! When you start to add traffic, construction and other detours into the mix, things just become frustrating! The same idea goes for the ductwork of your heating system, and the “commute” your heated air must take to bring you some well-deserved comfort during the coming cold fall nights. There are a few ways these “traffic jams” can occur:

Do Not Enter

If your ducts held up through the winter and summer, but they’ve been neglected as far as cleaning is concerned, dust, dirt and debris can pile up inside them. The airflow will drop significantly if the ducts aren’t cleaned regularly.

No U-Turns

Flexible ductwork can kink or get crushed. If these ducts are run around sharp corners or through tight spaces, the airflow can also be impeded. Proper design of your ductwork could prevent this and keep you from piling on the extra blankets.

Road Trip

The length of your ductwork can actually affect the quality of heated air you receive. If heated air travels too far, the temperature of the air will drop, leaving you with undesirably cool air. Airflow can also suffer because of the distance it has to travel, similar to a long run of plumbing pipe that results in low water pressure. 

Harris Comfort knows all about the rules of the road – or in this case, the ductwork! We even specialize in cleaning your ducts, which is best done in between your home comfort system’s heavy-use periods. The early fall, for example, is a great time to give Harris Comfort a call and have us come in to make sure your ductwork isn’t violating any traffic laws.