The Right Plan For Your Home

- 3:20 pm - April 12th, 2017

At Harris we have price protection programs for every homeowner, whether your household is burning the midnight oil or keeping up with holiday parties and barbecues throughout the year.

Busiest House On The Block 

There’s always a reason to get everyone together under the same roof. Harris’ fixed price plan allows you to agree upon a price for the term of the plan without any upfront costs. You also won’t be limited by a pre-determined gallon amount, so you won’t worry about using more oil this year than in the past. 

Large Family Homes

Big families have big expenses. Budgeting is made easier with Harris’ fixed pre-paid plan. This plan allows you to make one payment for the entire heating season for a pre-determined amount of oil, which means not having to pay another monthly bill! If you end up not using all of the oil you paid for, it rolls over into the following year’s program. Enjoy the warmth of family through the cold season!

Family Vacation Home

Harris knows that vacation plans are constantly changing, so it’s always good to know that you’ll never be paying higher rates to keep that vacation spot warm for lunch time or movie night with the kids. With our cap plan, you’ll never pay more than a pre-determined price cap, regardless of any price spikes in the market.

Home Business 

When your home is your office, Harris wants you to be comfortably warm while you work. Our fixed price budget plan is perfect for knowing exactly how much you’re paying for your heating oil. Payments for the agreed upon fixed price are broken up into 12 equal payments, making budgeting your business and home accounts a little easier.

Small Family

Harris knows the importance of budgeting when it comes to raising a family. Our cap budget plan allows you to pay for your heating oil deliveries at a fluctuating rate that will not go over a pre-determined price cap. The annual cost is also broken down evenly over a 12-month period. You can raise your family and keep your budget in check confidently with Harris.

New Homeowner

You just bought your first home, so budgeting with Harris’ posted price budget plan will keep your bank account healthy and your new house well heated for the cold season. Your cost is broken down into 12 payments, and, based on market fluctuations, your account may be credited or billed for any remaining balance. 

The Standard Plan 

With Harris’ ride the market price protection payment plan, you gain the flexibility you need when you’re fueling up for those weekend getaways. You simply pay for each delivery as you need it at market price and there’s no price commitment required. 

Harris provides many different households with heating oil and offers price protection options to meet the needs of any family. Be sure to review all of the pros and cons online before deciding which one suits you best, and sign up by accessing your account. You should also review all of the terms and conditions before you enroll.