Pump up Your Winter Comfort With a Heat Pump

- 2:46 pm - September 4th, 2019

If you purchased new, high-efficiency heating equipment at the advice of Pennsylvania’s trusted, full-service home comfort provider (that’s us!) and still need a little bit more warmth during the winter, or even extra cooling power during the summer, there’s a reliable solution that won’t put a strain on your wallet: Heat pumps!

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t educate our customers all about the equipment we sell, install and maintain – so keep reading to learn more about heat pumps, including what they are, how they can help save on comfort costs and more.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is an alternative to both furnaces and air conditioning systems and are capable of keeping a home comfortable all year long. While they can be used as a home’s only solution to comfort, they work exceptionally well with existing heating and cooling systems by supplementing them for a little extra boost.

What’s the difference between a heat pump and a furnace or air conditioning system?

While a furnace or air conditioning system’s primary function is putting warm or cool air into the living space, a heat pump focuses on moving heat from one location to another. In the summer, a heat pump will draw heat from a home and displace it outside, while during the winter a heat pump will take heat from the air outside and move it into the home.

How efficient are heat pumps?

Heat pumps, whether used as a supplement to existing heating and cooling equipment or as a standalone system, use electricity only to power the internal fans – as opposed to using that energy to generate heat, which would use up more electricity. So if it’s acting as a secondary heating or cooling unit, it won’t raise energy costs by much, and if it’s operating on its own you’ll enjoy comfort at little cost.

Another thing to note: because heat pumps can be used in both cooling and heating applications, there’s never a wrong time to get one! Harris Comfort carries a wide range of heat pumps from brands you know and trust, including Carrier, Trane and Lennox to name a few. Are you ready to pump up your home comfort? Contact us online today to ask about the latest heat pumps and schedule your installation.