Protect Your Air Conditioning System With a Service Plan

- 5:01 pm - June 21st, 2021

If it hasn’t already, your air conditioning system is going to be hard at work before you know it! Let Harris Comfort help ensure your comfort this summer by signing up for our Air Conditioning Service Plan!

Enrolling in a service plan offers your AC system the protection it needs with many features including:

Annual System Tune-Ups

Our 11-point Annual tune-ups give our expert technicians a chance to look over your cooling equipment and make minor repairs and adjustments that help to avoid bigger issues later on. They also assist in maintaining the system’s energy efficiency.

Emergency Service

Even a well-maintained cooling system can experience a hiccup – but not to worry! Harris Comfort’s emergency service gets you the help you need seven days a week including holidays between the hours of 8am – 7pm.

Service Discounts

You’ll receive a 15% discount on the parts and labor associated with any necessary repair made to your air conditioning system while you’re enrolled in the plan.

Let’s make sure your home cooling system is ready to keep you comfortable this summer! Sign up for a Harris Comfort Air Conditioning Service Plan today. Call or contact us online to enroll, or to learn more.