Prolong the Lifespan of Your Heating Equipment with UltraGuard™

- 4:34 pm - November 11th, 2022

This winter, order your heating oil from Harris Comfort. When you choose Harris as your fuel provider, you can rest assured knowing that the fuel in your oil tank is not only clean and efficient, but also safe for your heating equipment. The Oilheat we deliver is an ultra-low sulfur heating oil blend that produces fewer emissions than traditional heating oil. Plus, our Oilheat is infused with UltraGuard™, which makes the fuel even safer and cleaner for your heating equipment.

What is UltraGuard?

The UltraGuard™ additive in our Oilheat contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, a corrosion inhibitor, and a metal demulsifier, which work together to break down any sludge formation in your oil tank. These ingredients help prevent sludge from forming to keep the heating system’s filter, strainer, and nozzle clean and free of blockage. UltraGuard™ can help extend the life of your heating equipment and improve its performance.

The Oilheat you get delivered from Harris Comfort has already been treated with UltraGuard™ at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is turn on your heating system and enjoy comfort, improved air quality, and lower fuel costs. UltraGuard™ helps lower your energy expenses, because your equipment runs more efficiently, so you use less fuel and enjoy the same level of comfort.

If you haven’t selected a heating oil provider for this winter, choose Harris Comfort. UltraGuard™ is just another example of how Harris Comfort is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality home comfort products and services. If you are interested in becoming a Harris Comfort customer or have any questions about UltraGuard™ or our other products and services, contact us today. Harris Comfort strives to ensure your year-round comfort!