Avoid Power Outages

- 4:35 pm - October 18th, 2019

Sometimes getting into the spirit of the holidays can be fun – like telling ghost stories in the dark around Halloween. But what a terrifying twist it would be if you couldn’t turn those lights back on. It could happen if you aren’t prepared for a blackout!

Not to worry! Your Pennsylvania household doesn’t have to be at risk if it’s equipped with the latest whole-home standby generators sold, installed and maintained by your trusted professionals here at Harris Comfort. Best of all, we work with well-known brands of generators, such as Generac and Trane, so you know you’re investing in a reliable piece of equipment for your home.

It isn’t all about keep the lights on, either. Standby generators protect your safety by helping you avoid…

  • Running out of food, or dealing with spoiled food, by keeping the fridge and freezer running

  • Falling or tripping in dark stairwells and hallways

  • Excessive cold temperatures, which is very important for homes with elderly or infants

  • Being cut off from contacting emergency services or family members

  • Being unable to rely on your security system’s cameras and alarms

Whether you’re looking to install a new standby generator or upgrade an old one, consider investing in a Trane whole-home generator! For a limited time, if you buy qualifying Trane equipment you can choose between a 0% APR for 72 months or a discount up to $500. Offer expires on December 31, 2019 – so don’t wait!

Contact us online if you have any questions about purchasing, installing or maintaining a standby generator and keeping your family safe from blackouts during this heating season – and every other season!