Now Is the Perfect Time to Inspect Your Propane Gas System

- 10:55 am - September 21st, 2022

Have Your Propane Gas System Inspected

The changing of the seasons unfortunately means cold weather is coming. This means homeowners will be firing up their heating systems before they know it. If your home is powered by a propane gas system, it is very important to have your system inspected to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Important Notice about Propane Safety

Propane is so safe that we use it for the heaters, barbecue grills and fireplaces in our homes. We wouldn’t put our families at risk, and we do not put yours at risk with propane.

There is a chance of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning with any fuel source, but with a few precautions you can enjoy your propane heat while reducing the possibility of an unpleasant or dangerous incident.

Propane Safety:

  • Make sure you know what propane smells like – an odorant is added to propane to make it smell sulfuric, like rotten eggs. If you notice the smell, leave your home immediately and call us to report a possible leak
  • Keep all outdoor propane appliances, including heaters, grills and generators, outside. Do not use them in enclosed areas like a garage or basement.
  • Store propane cylinders outdoors.
  • Have the experts at Harris make all repairs or modifications to your equipment, valves and other parts.
  • Keep flammable materials like paints, adhesives and fabrics away from your propane equipment.
  • Call us if you see soot – propane burns cleanly, and any soot deposits are a sign that your equipment is not working properly
  • Yellow flame warning! A yellow or flickering flame are more signs that your equipment needs repair. Your propane equipment should burn with a steady blue flame.

Harris is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Foundation. The foundation’s website has some great resources and information regarding propane safety which you can find here. If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your propane system, contact Harris right away by calling 215-788-4596