Manage Your Summer Comfort With an AC Service Plan

- 12:25 pm - June 9th, 2020

Between the heat and humidity, you rely on your air conditioning system to provide you and your family with a comfortable space to retreat to in order to relax after a long day out - or in! Since you’re depending on your AC for that, your AC should be able to depend on you for proper care and maintenance. That’s where our Service Plan comes in!

Signing up for an AC Comfort Service Plan with Harris Comfort is a great way to ensure your home stays cool, no matter how warm or humid it gets outside. Here’s what you get:

  • An annual tune-up to increase your system’s longevity and performance

  • Priority and emergency service

  • Coverage for over 40 valuable parts and services

  • 15% discount on compressors, refrigerant, dryers and more

  • 15% discount on other repairs

  • Free air conditioning diagnostic analysis

Everything included in our Service Plan is there to protect your comfort and your wallet! By keeping your equipment running efficiently you’ll save on utility costs without having to sacrifice your comfort system usage. That along with the discounts on repairs and labor makes maintaining your AC system a lot easier for our customers.

It’s never too late to sign up! Keep your equipment in top shape this summer by contacting us online or calling to enroll in our AC Comfort Service Plan.