Let’s Get Ready for Summer

- 5:13 pm - March 23rd, 2022

We know, we’re not even a month into spring and already we’re talking about summer? That’s just how we do things – staying ahead of the seasons so we can ensure our customers can enjoy the weather without worrying about the state of their comfort system.

We know you’re going to be turning to your air conditioning systems soon, so let Harris Comfort’s services help!

Prepare for summer comfort with…


Duct Cleaning

Settled dirt and dust can be reintroduced into the air when the AC system is turned on. After a good cleaning, however, there’s minimal risk of this happening to you!


AC Tune-ups

Tune-ups help keep the AC equipment running efficiently all season long and reduces the likelihood of a breakdown. This translate to savings on both energy costs and repair costs!


AC Installations

Need a new system? We can help with that, too! Outdated air conditioning systems are bad for your comfort and your wallets. So if yours is struggling to keep you cool, talk to us about an upgrade.


Propane Deliveries

Propane fuels comfort all year long! Make sure your tank is full by signing up for our automatic delivery service. And take a look at our price protection programs to avoid any future energy price spikes.


We’re thinking ahead – and you should, too! Give us a call or contact us online to discuss the many ways we can help ensure your comfort this summer and beyond.