Keep Your Tank Full With Automatic Delivery!

- 9:19 am - November 28th, 2017

You rely on propane or Oilheat to keep you warm throughout the winter, and you may have ordering fuel in a timely manner down to a science. Sometimes, however, we forget things! Automatic delivery allows Harris Comfort to monitor your fuel levels, automatically make deliveries when they’re needed and help you keep your tank full. Not only does this protect you and your family from the dangers of a mid-winter run out, but it also protects your equipment and tank. 

An empty tank could spell disaster for your home during the winter, no matter what fuel you use! Having an empty tank leaves a lot of space for air, which can oxidize the tank and cause the temperature inside to change, resulting in condensation. This condensation can lead to rust, sludge and sediment, which can find their way into your heating equipment or propane appliances and cause a mid-season breakdown.

What’s more, an empty tank is especially detrimental to a home that relies on fuel for other important household appliances. Running out of Oilheat can leave you without heat or hot water, while running out of propane can also affect your ability to cook, run your generator, and more. This could make anyone’s white winter a blue one. Don’t risk your home comfort. Contact Harris Comfort today and enroll in automatic delivery!