Keep the Lights on With a Backup Generator!

- 10:00 am - December 26th, 2023

Imagine you’re sitting around your dinner table enjoying a cozy meal with friends or family when suddenly the power cuts out. But, instead of running to grab flashlights and candles, you sit calmly as your lights kick back on almost immediately. That’s because your backup Generac generator from Harris Comfort doing exactly what it’s supposed to, powering your home!


Within seconds of sensing a power failure, a Generac backup generator will automatically turn on and maintain the power to your home. This way, you and your guests can stay safe and the conversation around your dinner table never has to stop.


Harris Comfort offers Generac generators in a variety of sizes depending on your home, needs, and budget. One phone call and you can be prepared for whatever weather comes your way!


More Benefits of Propane-Powered Backup Generators Include:


  • No Fuel Supply Issues: Generators that use diesel or gasoline can have their fuel degrade over time and leave you in the dark when it comes time to use it. Propane fuel doesn’t degrade and will remain clean and ready to use when you need it most.


  • Environmentally Friendly: Propane has been designated a clean fuel since the Clean Air Act of 1990. Diesel generators are dirtier and contribute more emissions than propane-powered generators.


  • Easy Operation: When a blackout occurs, you don’t need to do a thing. Your generators will sense a power failure and turn on immediately!


There is no telling when or why the next power outage will occur, but whether it’s during a family dinner or in the middle of the night, you and your family can be prepared with a backup generator from Harris Comfort!


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