Keep a Full Tank During the Warmer Seasons

- 11:46 am - April 27th, 2018

Before we get too much further into the spring and you forget all about your heating system, it’s important to make sure your fuel oil tank is completely full. Leaving a tank partially full during the hot and humid season may leave the tank and your heating equipment open to costly problems come the following winter.

What’s the cause of these problems? Water accumulation! It’s impossible to keep water out of your storage tank completely, but the more space inside of your tank the more room there is for water to buildup. This water, mixing with the oil, promotes bacterial growth and sludge. Bacterial growth can cause corrosion, and sludge buildup can wreak havoc on your heating system if it isn’t removed before you go to turn on your furnace next heating season.

In addition to avoiding heating system breakdowns and tank corrosion, you may need the fuel to keep some of your other oil-fired appliances running, such as water heaters and generators. Ensure a steady supply of heating oil throughout the spring and summer! Contact Harris Comfort today to order your final spring delivery.