How Much Do You Know About Your AC’s Refrigerant

- 2:51 pm - June 27th, 2019

While it isn’t vital to know everything there is to know in the case of refrigerant, there are big changes on the horizon that we feel our customers should understand – because it can affect their wallets! Keep reading to learn more.

 As a Harris Comfort customer, you should know that…

 R-22, a refrigerant commonly used in air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010, has been going through a phase-out initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The phase-out is slated to end in January, 2020 – when the production and importing of R-22 refrigerant will no longer be allowed.

 The reason R-22 is being phased-out is…

 Because it was found to harm the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere, the use of R-22 in air conditioning systems was halted after 2009 and replaced with a cleaner, more environmentally friendly refrigerant known as R-410A. Systems manufactured as of 2010 utilize this new refrigerant.

 How this affects you as a homeowner…

 If your air conditioning system was manufactured before 2010, there’s a good chance it uses R-22 refrigerant. If you find yourself in need of a refrigerant charge, the costs may be higher because of the reduced supply of R-22. The costs will increase as the supply decreases, essentially causing the cost to upkeep your AC equipment to spike.

 Here’s how you can avoid this increased cost…

 One word: Upgrade! The costs to upgrade your air conditioning system will save you from having to deal with rising costs related to R-22 refrigerant charges and equipment upkeep. You’re spending money to save big bucks!

 In addition to avoiding the rising costs of refrigerant charges, upgrading a 10-year-old air conditioning system will provide you with a big boost to your home’s energy efficiency. That’s an extra potential saving of up to 30% on your annual utility bills!

 Believe it or not…

 January 2020 is not that far away! Get ahead of these changes by contacting us online or giving us a call to review your air conditioning system upgrade options. We look forward to hearing from you!