How a Generator Maintenance Program Can Save Your Season

- 10:52 am - June 30th, 2016

It’s the bottom of the ninth, the score is tied, bases are loaded and the count is full. As the pitcher enters his windup, the tension in your TV room is palpable … and then the power goes out.

Luckily, you prepared for a situation just like this. You have a backup generator ready to kick into gear so you won’t miss more than a minute of the action. It should only be a few seconds now, so you wait … and wait … and wait … annnnnnd nothing.

A generator is a great backup plan, but even the best backup plans could use some extra reinforcement. After all, if it happened at the Super Bowl just a few years ago, it can happen in your home.

That’s why Harris Comfort offers our customers three Generator Maintenance Programs. Consider these contingency programs the backup plan for your backup plan, offering annual oil and filter changes, complete tune-ups and more! You get to choose between three levels of protection: the Power Program, Power Plus Program, and Ultimate Power Program.

See some of what each program has to offer below then read the Generator Maintenance Program brochure for more details and call or contact Harris Comfort to enroll.


Generator Maintenance Program.jpg