Home Comfort Starts with Harris

- 11:00 am - September 26th, 2023

When it comes to home comfort, Harris Comfort is the only way to go. We focus on providing customers with top tier service because our customers deserve a level of home comfort they can be proud of. Whether it’s Oilheat or propane, automatic delivery, budget plans, or duct cleaning, we have what it takes to help you keep a home that brings you an abundance of comfort after a long day.


Fuels We Deliver


Oilheat is clean, efficient, economical, safe, affordable, and most importantly – comfortable. It is made up of low-sulfur fuel oil products and biofuels and is 16% more efficient than gas.



Propane is a non-toxic, safe and affordable fuel that costs significantly less than electric heat. Propane is also a highly versatile energy source. It can be used to power dryers, generators, heaters, fireplaces and so much more.


Services We Provide

Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery makes your life easier. Instead of having to check your fuel levels yourself, we combine technology with the knowledge we have about your fuel usage to calculate when you will need your next delivery. We deliver your fuel before your tank levels get too low so you never have to worry about running out of fuel and sacrificing your home comfort.


Budget Plans

Budget plans provide a sense of security and stability for our customers even as oil prices continue to fluctuate. We estimate the cost of your annual heating bill and split that cost into smaller and more manageable amounts throughout the year, so you won't get stuck with a large, inconvenient heating bill.


Duct Cleaning

Ducts are essential to the comfort of your home. Harris Comfort offers professional duct cleaning because your safety, health and comfort is important to us and we know it’s important to you as well.


There’s no home comfort without Harris Comfort. As a customer, you are our top priority and we will continue to make it our duty to keep your home at peak comfort. Harris Comfort offers an abundance of services to keep your home feeling as delightful and pleasant as possible, year-round and for years to come.


Please contact us with any questions, or to request a service. We are always here to help!