Heating Oil Storage Tank Protection With UltraGuard

- 5:09 pm - December 20th, 2021

As a full-service heating oil dealer, Harris Comfort knows how to keep you comfortable and protect your heating equipment. That’s why our heating oil contains a special additive known as UltraGuard™ that takes heating equipment protection to a new level.

Each drop of heating oil that we deliver helps heating equipment by…

  • Maintaining fuel stability, which is vital when temperatures drop and fuel can gel, wax or solidify.

  • Removing any existing particulates from inside the tank, fuel lines or the equipment, helping to prevent any damage to the heating equipment.

  • Removing water from the fuel, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria that can cause interior tank corrosion.

  • Cleaning and lubricating surfaces to minimize the impact normal wear and tear has on the equipment over time.

For our customers, this means that our specialized blend of heating oil actually reduces fuel-related service calls – and who couldn’t use a little extra savings during the heating season?

Learn more about our specialized blend of heating oil and UltraGuard fuel additive by contacting us online or calling. And don’t forget to sign up for automatic deliveries so you can keep a reliable supply of fuel all winter long!