Harris Keeps Your UltraGuard Up!

- 10:20 am - October 23rd, 2017

As a full-service Oilheat dealer, Harris knows how to keep you comfortable and protect your heating equipment. Delivering Oilheat helps keep you warm when the temperatures begin to drop, but how does it protect your equipment? It isn’t just what’s in your tank and fueling your heating system that helps, but also what’s in the fuel itself. UltraGuard™ takes protection to a new level, and Harris Comfort brings it right to your home.

At Harris Comfort, we pre-blend every drop of Oilheat with the UltraGuard fuel additive. What does that mean for you? For starters, it means peace of mind in knowing that your heating equipment is being treated in a way that reduces unhealthy sludge buildup and the need for constant repairs. But that isn’t all you get – UltraGuard also helps: 

  • Maintain fuel stability, which is your heating oil’s ability to stay in its liquid form
  • Remove any existing particulates that could damage your heating equipment
  • Demulsifies the fuel, which removes water, thus helping to prevent microbe growth and inhibit microbiologically-influenced corrosion
  • Clean and lubricate all fuel wetted surfaces

In short, UltraGuard is protecting you and your comfort by ensuring your fuel maintains its ability to flow through the heating system, and burn efficiently. Prevent sludge buildup and future system breakdowns with Harris Comfort and UltraGuard™. Start protecting your equipment today by calling or contacting us online.