Harris Generates Safety and Comfort When it Storms

- 9:35 am - November 16th, 2017

Learning what it’s like to live in an igloo is best left to the imagination, and you can avoid getting some firsthand experience by preparing for the possibility of a power outage. The power can go out any time of year, whether due to extreme temperatures, wind, rain, lightning, or snowstorm. Help ensure you don’t get sent back to the ice age this winter, and that you’re safe and sound all year-round with a Generac emergency backup generator.

When the power goes out, Generac generators automatically spring into action. When the main power is restored, they automatically shut back off. These generators can run on natural gas or liquid propane, and deliver power directly to the electrical system. They’re available in a variety of power capacities so you can back up your entire home or just the essentials. 

The benefits:

  • Peace of mind, safety and comfort in emergency situations
  • Track what’s going on with the storm via the news and emergency broadcasts
  • Stay in touch with loved ones
  • Uninterrupted heating, cooling, lights and other necessities
  • Perishable food items stay fresh
  • Everyone can stay entertained watching TV, listening to music, or playing on the computer

Want even more protection? Get the backup plan for your backup plan by signing up for our generator maintenance program. It’ll help you keep your generator properly maintained so that it’s ready for action when the time calls. Contact Harris Comfort to learn more.