Harris Comfort is your Air Conditioning Specialist

- 12:05 pm - April 30th, 2015

Does your air conditioning system need a tune-up? Could you save hundreds on your electricity bills this cooling season money by installing a new air conditioner? In either case, Harris Comfort is here to help! 
If your air conditioning system is 10+ years old, it may be costing you up to 50% more than a newer model. At Harris, we only sell and install the best, most energy- efficient central air conditioners from well-known brands. These top-of-the-line systems will do more than just cool; they will also help with ventilation and indoor air quality. 
If you have recently installed a new air conditioning system, don’t forget that an annual tune-up will keep it running at peak efficiency! During the tune-up, we will adjust, inspect, clean, lubricate and calibrate your system to prepare it for heavy summertime usage. Remember that signing up for one of our Comfort Service Plans entitles you to a free tune-up as well as emergency air conditioning service.
Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive set of air conditioning services.