Go Ductless in Time For Summer

- 10:40 am - May 29th, 2020

There are many ways to keep cool and relax during a hot summer day, such as taking a dip in the pool or enjoying an ice-cold beverage. However, while those methods offer temporary relief from the heat, you can make that feeling last a lot longer by installing a brand new ductless air conditioning system!

What makes a ductless AC system a great choice?

  • No ductwork makes for a less complex and time-consuming install, and also avoid any of the efficiency issues associated with ducts

  • You can zone your home by controlling individual indoor units via their own remote control, to reduce energy wasted by cooling down unoccupied rooms

  • Ductless AC systems take up less space and are very efficient, helping homeowners save on cooling costs

  • They filter the air and, since there’s no ductwork where dust can settle, circulate clean air into the home

Sound like something you’d want in your home? You’re in luck! As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, we’re giving you an opportunity to save this Spring with Rebates from Mitsubishi Electric. Check out the special rebate offers to help you save!

The Mitsubishi Electric rebates are available as a limited-time Spring special offer through which you can earn up to $400 in rebates on select Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. The following rebates are available until June 26, 2020:

  • Single Zone Heat Pump: $100 Rebate

  • Hyper-Heating Heat Pump: $200 Rebate

  • Multi-Zone Heat Pump: $300 Rebate

  • Hyper-Heating Multi-Zone AND 8-Zone Standard Systems (MXZ-8C-48 AND MXZ-8C-60): $400 Rebate

Contact us online if you have any other questions about the products and services we provide that can help you stay comfortable this spring and summer.