Get Your Heating System Tune-Up Today

- 10:12 am - August 18th, 2016

As we endure the latest heat wave, it’s hard to believe that summer is over in a month and that it’ll be heating season before we know it. As temperatures start to fall, make sure your heating system is ready to rise to the occasion. Schedule a heating system tune-up today, and we’ll make sure you aren’t left in the cold this winter.

A heating system tune-up will save you money by helping prevent expensive equipment breakdowns. A tune-up of your boiler or furnace will also enable the expert Harris Comfort technicians to spot small problems that could later result in a system failure. This lets Harris provide you with the best corrective options so you can get through winter without your system faltering. A well-tuned heating system will also use less fuel to achieve the same level of warmth, lowering your heating bills, by as much as 5 percent

Enroll in a Comfort Service Plan and your tune-up is included at no extra cost. Contact us today to schedule your heating system tune-up.