Get Royal Heating Oil Treatment With Harris Comfort

- 9:49 am - March 11th, 2019

There are many benefits of using Harris Comfort’s Oilheat for your home heating purposes. The biggest one of all is a special additive that we blend with our heating oil called UltraGuard – a heating oil treatment that helps improve the heating oil and your equipment! Here’s how:

Maintains Fuel Stability

As with any liquid fuel, under certain circumstances it can solidify. When this happens, the fuel has difficulty flowing properly and can cause your heating equipment to work less efficiently. UltraGuard heating oil treatment helps prevent this from occurring, leaving your fuel flowing perfectly!

Removes Existing Sediments

Sediment buildup can cause potential harm to your heating system. If any solids find their way into the equipment as the fuel oil is drawn in, they can cause blockages or breakdowns over time. UltraGuard heating oil treatment removes these sediments, keeping your system running properly.

Disperses Accumulated Water

The aforementioned sediment buildup is often caused by water finding its way into the oil storage tank, mixing with the oil, and promoting the growth of bacteria and other particulates. Just as UltraGuard can remove existing sediment buildup, it can also help prevent it by removing water from the heating oil.

All in all, UltraGuard heating oil treatment also saves you money! With free flowing fuel, you’ll encounter fewer issues with your heating equipment and spend less on repairs that are commonly caused by sediment buildup. Additionally, your equipment’s fuel consumption will remain efficient year after year. If you’re not yet a Harris Comfort Oilheat customer, don’t take our word for it! Contact us online today to learn more about the benefits and savings that are waiting for you!