Get Comfy With Digital Precision

- 9:04 am - December 10th, 2015

Is your current thermostat starting to look medieval in comparison to your other appliances? You rely on the advanced technology of your smartphone and tablet to get you through the day, so why step backward and rely on outdated technology when it comes to your household’s comfort? Give yourself a gift this holiday season and bring your home comfort control out of the dark ages and into the digital age – with a brand new digital thermostat from Carrier.

At Harris Comfort, we only sell the very best products, which is why Carrier is our preferred brand for all things HVAC. Carrier’s selection of digital thermostats are no exception, featuring easy-to-read display screens and intuitive, user-friendly operation that makes tailoring your home’s climate control to your schedule a breeze. With a digital thermostat, you’ll never have to worry about making constant manual adjustments. In fact, many models can be paired with your smartphone, giving you the power to make adjustments from anywhere in the world.

Besides giving you a new range of convenience, a digital thermostat will also save you money. With pinpoint programmability, you’ll enjoy enhanced fuel and energy efficiency to go with your increased comfort. We’ll bet that after a mere few days with your new thermostat, you’ll wonder why you didn’t update your older model sooner.

The future isn’t tomorrow – it’s today! Don’t start the New Year relying on yesterday’s thermostat – contact Harris Comfort today to have your brand new digital thermostat installed in your home by one of our expert technicians.