Get The Benefits of Propane From Harris Comfort

- 10:58 am - June 13th, 2017

Have you ever wondered if propane is the right fuel for your home? Harris Comfort customers who use propane already know the benefits that come with it. For those who are undecided about which fuel to depend on for their home fueling needs, we’d like to share what propane has to offer.

Propane is environmentally friendly. Propane doesn’t contaminate ground water or soil, and it burns more cleanly than any other fossil fuel. It is listed as a clean fuel in both the Clean Air Act (1990) and the Energy Policy Act (1992).

Propane is reliable. In emergency situations where power is lost, propane-fueled appliances won’t quit! It’s perfect for those seasons of extreme heat or cold – you’ll never be without heating or air conditioning as long as your tank is filled and maintained.

Propane is versatile. Propane can run many household appliances. Boilers, fireplaces, clothes dryers, ranges and ovens as well as outdoor grills and swimming pool heaters. You can practically run your entire home with propane!

Propane is affordable. With price protection and delivery options from full-service dealers like Harris Comfort, propane is easy to budget for and won’t cost more than utilities or other fuels used to run the same systems and appliances.

Choosing propane for your home fuel is a smart choice; choosing to get your propane through Harris Comfort is an even smarter choice! Contact us today and get your home cooking, cooling and heating with propane.