Generac Generators: Handy Hurricane-Busters

- 10:00 am - September 23rd, 2015

Halloween isn’t the only spooky occurrence this time of year. Hurricane season is fast approaching, and with it come howling winds, crackling thunder, and pummeling rainstorms that will do their best to ruin your day. But with a Generac® home backup generator, you’ll be prepared for any storm Mother Nature decides to throw at Bucks County power lines. Instead of suffering in the dark of discomfort and boredom, waiting days or even weeks for the power to come back, you’ll have your backup generator to provide you with the energy you need to run your essential appliances or even your whole home!

At Harris Comfort, we provide home backup generators that come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you’re sure to find the generator that will fit your needs as well as your budget. Most of our featured Generac generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches, which allow them to automatically power on when the main power goes out and power down when it returns. With this nifty and energy-conscious feature, you’ll hardly skip a beat in the case of an outage. No power? No problem!

With a Generac generator, you can forget about:

  • Not having air conditioning on a hot day or heating on a cold day
  • Tripping over your kids’ toys in a darkened home
  • Said kids being bored silly without TV and Internet
  • Your prized meatloaf spoiling in an uncooled fridge 
  • Not being able to use the phone when you need to make an important call

In addition to enjoying the benefits of a dependable Generac generator, you’ll also benefit from our convenient generator installation service; our expert electrical technicians will install the generator quickly and efficiently wherever you see fit and set it up to power however many or few appliances you think you’ll need. This hurricane season, dodge the blackout and contact Harris Comfort to select your Generac generator today.