Equip Your Home With an Emergency Generator

- 9:29 am - May 20th, 2020

There are many things Pennsylvania homeowners can’t control, but for the things that they can control Harris Comfort is here to help! And when it comes to keeping a home powered up through the summer, an emergency standby generator puts control back in the hands of homeowners!

What is it about summer that makes a generator so important? There are a few things about the hottest months of the year that make a generator practically a necessity, such as:

Grid Overload

When the days get hot, everyone turns up the AC and the end result is a surge in power usage that can result in the grid being overloaded and a loss of power for an entire neighborhood. With a standby generator, your home can continue staying powered up and your family stays cool.

Summer Thunderstorms

Each season is known for its weather, and with summer it isn’t unheard of to experience intense thunderstorms that can knock over trees and power lines. Even the odd lightning striking a transformer can leave homeowners in the dark for days! In situations like these, a standby generator can make storms a little less stressful.

Power Surges

Similar to overloading the grid, except on a smaller scale, summers usually see more folks staying at home. With all of their electronics booting up practically at once (in addition to the air conditioning system) they’re more prone to power surges and power loss. It may not affect the whole neighborhood, but who wouldn’t want to avoid something like that on their day off?

Have you been considering investing in a standby generator for your home? Let’s talk! Give us a call or contact us online to get more information regarding the benefits of a standby generator in every season!