Dust in the Wind… Where’s It Coming From?

- 5:01 pm - July 9th, 2021

The summer heat and humidity rolls in, so you turn on your properly maintained air conditioning system. But, now you have a new problem – dust seems to be getting everywhere! This increase in dust wreaks havoc on your allergies and not to mention, keeps you busy running around with the vacuum, mop or broom day after day.

It’s easy to overlook the connection, but the issue might be the condition of your ducts! And turning on your air conditioning system could have circulated dust into your home.

What’s a Pennsylvania homeowner to do? Call Harris Comfort for a professional duct cleaning! Besides being able to take a break from the daily dusting chores, clean ducts also help…

  • Promote healthier air quality for the whole family

  • The home feel cooler and the conditioned air move more freely throughout the home

  • Maintain the air conditioning equipment’s energy efficiency, preventing cooling costs from rising substantially

  • Reduce allergy flare-ups and other respiratory irritations

  • Improve the humidity control of the air conditioning system

Regular duct cleanings are as important as your heating system’s regular maintenance, so don’t hold off on schedule yours! Call or contact Harris Comfort online today to set up your duct cleaning appointment and improve your family’s health and comfort this summer.