Cold Weather Conservation

- 10:26 am - October 15th, 2015

They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. If they’re talking about the little things you could do around the house to lower your energy bills during the fall and winter months, then they’re certainly right. That’s why we’re here to let you in on these tips and tricks that can be easily performed at little to no cost. Keep these pointers in mind if you want to see your energy expenses lowered this heating season:

  • Close your kitchen vent, gas fireplace damper and closet doors when not in use.
  • Remove air conditioning window units or cover them securely to prevent air leakage.
  • Correct air leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets, and repair weather stripping and caulking. 
  • Replace any cracked glass in your windows.
  • Keep radiators free of dust for optimal efficiency.
  • Turn your thermostat back when not at home. Turning your thermostat back 10-15° for 8 hours can save about 5-15% a year on your heating bill — a savings of as much as 1% for each degree if the setback period is eight hours long.
  • Make sure rugs and furniture don't block the air circulation from your home’s baseboard outlets.
  • Seal off your attic circulating fan with polyethylene and tape.
  • Make sure your ceiling has at least six inches of good thermal insulation.
  • Wrap your pipes to guard against heat loss and prevent them from freezing.
  • Keep ductwork in good repair. Because of leaky ductwork, your home could be losing up to 25% of its hot air before it reaches the vents.

You don’t need to shell out big bucks to save big. When it comes to conserving energy, the little things really do make a big difference. Contact Harris Comfort for even more handy conservation tips that can help lower your year-round energy costs.