Clean Your Ducts, Breathe Cleaner Air

- 11:00 am - November 9th, 2023

Have your asthma or allergy symptoms seemed to be more intense when you’re at home? This could be due to poor indoor air quality. With a duct cleaning from Harris Comfort, we get rid of nearly all contaminants so that your air can be as clean as possible.   

Insect and rodent nests and droppings, dust, mold, and mildew can accumulate in your air ducts over the year, and when air is pushed through your ductwork, you’re breathing in all those bacteria and germs. Yuck! This can be harmful for anybody, especially if you have respiratory issues or skin conditions.

A duct cleaning service protects your home and your health by improving your air quality. People have also seen a great improvement in their sleep quality. This is due to fewer harmful particles and bacteria in their environment that cause a stuffed nose, scratchy throat or anything else that would disturb your sleep.

The smell in your home can also improve after a duct cleaning service. Odors from tobacco smoke, pet dander and cooking can get trapped inside of your vents, causing an unpleasant stench around your home.

Your comfort starts when you call Harris Comfort at (215) 968-7477 and schedule a duct cleaning service! For any questions you may have, contact us here so we can help. Read more about our duct cleaning service here.