Can a Neglected Heating System Affect Your Health?

- 5:04 pm - September 8th, 2021

Getting the most from your heating system means keeping up with the necessary maintenance! Not to worry, you’ve got the experts at Harris Comfort to make sure your heating equipment isn’t a risk to your health or your budget.

Take care of your heating equipment to avoid…

Diminished Comfort Coverage

The most obvious way an uncared for heating system will impact your health is the lack of warmth in the winter. While those who can take cold can manage, elderly residents, children and even pets can suffer without proper comfort control.

Dirty, Dusty Air

Air-forced systems such as furnaces are equipped with filters to help with air quality within the home, but without proper maintenance and cleaning those filters can become blocked and end up distributing the collected debris back into the home instead.

Potentially High Carbon Monoxide Levels

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by the incomplete combustion of fuel – so if your heating oil equipment is producing black smoke or soot or if you smell a propane leak be sure to call Harris Comfort immediately as this is a sign your equipment is not properly functioning. Thankfully, this situation can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Those are the potential risks, but what’s the solution? It’s easy – regular tune-ups from Harris Comfort! We service all the equipment that we sell and install, so ensure your heating system is in good hands by contacting us online today.