Breathe Fresh Air This Heating Season With Harris Comfort

- 9:40 am - August 10th, 2015

We may not want to accept it, but summer is beginning to wind down. Soon, you’ll be getting ready to start up your heating system in preparation for the colder weather. With more time being spent indoors during the chillier months, you want to be sure that the indoor air you’re breathing is fresh and clean, and clean air starts with clean ducts. Over time, the ducts that circulate the conditioned air through your home can become clogged with dust, mold and pet hair. Rodents and insects can even build nests and decide your air ducts are now their new home, rent free we might add! Then, the heated air that passes through the ducts to heat your home lifts these contaminants and suddenly, you’re breathing in unclean air. This can pose a health risk to you and your family, and can especially complicate things for allergy and asthma sufferers. Evict your home’s unwanted visitors with duct cleaning services from Harris Comfort.

Air duct cleaning must be done right or it can exacerbate air quality problems rather than resolve them. At Harris Comfort, the safety and comfort of your family is our top priority, and we carry out every duct cleaning with a meticulous attention to detail, using highly-specialized equipment to rid your ducts of all contaminants. The best way to promote efficient heating and air conditioning is to get a professional air duct cleaning on a periodic basis. Harris Comfort has the know-how and the specialized equipment to rid your ducts of all contaminants, and we take every precaution to keep your air and your house clean.

Schedule your duct cleaning with Harris Comfort today to rid your home of unwelcome houseguests and ensure that you’ll be breathing in clean and fresh indoor air that’s contaminant-free.