Bitter Cold Winter Protection

- 4:41 pm - January 21st, 2019

Bitter Cold Winter Protection

As all Pennsylvania homeowners know, it can get very cold around here! And, with winter storms being forecasted it’s important to also know how you can protect yourself and your home from the cold weather. Luckily, Harris Comfort has you covered! Here are a few ways we can help keep you safe, warm and comfortable!

Whole-home Standby Generators

The winter is one of the worst times to get stuck indoors during a power outage. It can get cold very fast! With a whole-home standby generator installed by Harris Comfort, you can keep the power on, the heat flowing, the fridge running, and the kids entertained until power is restored.

Automatic Delivery

The great thing about automatic delivery is that we take into account winter storms, or any other winter weather that might see you using more fuel, and make deliveries accordingly. What’s more, automatic delivery customers receive priority over will-call customers, so it’s always worth signing up for automatic fuel delivery!

Comfort Service Plans

Service plans are our way of helping assure you have a fully functioning heating system year after year! Under a service plan, you’ll have the protection of annual tune-ups, discounts on repair costs, 24-hour emergency service, and a whole lot more. Just another way we keep you safe against the cold!

There’s no telling how long this winter’s going last, but it’s never too late to get the protection you and your family deserve from the cold! Contact Harris Comfort online to learn more about our products and services that are perfect for the winter.