Install Your Generac® Generator

- 3:59 pm - February 24th, 2016

It’s the kind of scenario where all the pressure’s on you: it’s the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the bases are loaded. You hear the roar of thousands of Phillies fans as you look out to the emerald green of the outfield and angelic white shine of the stadium lights. And the pitcher digs into the mound. Yes – the tension is palpable even through your TV as you and your buddies anxiously lean in towards the screen. As lifelong Phillies fanatics, you guys live for these moments. But just as the pitcher initiates his windup … the power goes out!

In sports, as in life, preparation is everything. When it comes to preparing for unexpected power outages, Harris Comfort provides Generac® home backup generators equipped with automatic transfer switches, so you’ll hardly miss a beat (or a pitch) in the event of an outage. Of course, a backup generator will do more than keep you from missing your favorite baseball team’s two-out rally. It’ll also:

  • Restore power to the appliances you and your family need to stay safe, including your smoke detector, landline and home security system. 
  • Keep your family safe and comfortable at home in the middle of a harsh storm.
  • Prevent your food from spoiling by continuing to power your refrigerator.

And with Harris as your generator provider, you’ll receive convenient generator installation service from our expert electrical technicians, who will set it up to power however many or few appliances you think you’ll need.

With a Generac generator, you can save the day and the game all at once. Don’t let your power run on the weather’s schedule. Contact Harris Comfort today to select your Generac generator.