Time for a Heating System Upgrade? Call Harris Comfort!

- 2:48 pm - January 25th, 2021

The cold weather has every Pennsylvania homeowner thinking about keeping their homes and families warm as the winter continues! Is your heating equipment keeping up with your household’s demand for warmth? If not, you should consider an upgrade!

Here are a few good reasons to upgrade…

  • Cut fuel costs: A new, higher-efficiency heating system will significantly lower your household’s heating costs as the equipment consumes and burns fuel more effectively.

  • Replace an unreliable boiler or furnace: If your heating equipment constantly breaks down it’s time for an upgrade!

  • Improve your comfort: New heating equipment helps you feel warmer with better coverage than older systems provide.

  • Home Extensions: If your household is growing, your heating equipment needs to grow with it!

In addition to upgrading your heating equipment, it’s wise to make sure you protect it with Harris Comfort’s Heating Comfort Service Plan. Our plan covers a variety of parts, and includes a comprehensive test and tune-up that helps keep your system running reliably.

Don’t face winter without a dependable heating system to back you up! Call or contact Harris Comfort online to learn more about upgrading, or to get started.