Heating Oil Delivery for the New Decade

- 12:39 pm - January 22nd, 2020

It’s a brand new year, but something that isn’t brand new is how Pennsylvania homeowners have relied on Harris Comfort for all of their heating oil delivery needs. That’s because we’ve been around for more than 60 years! We haven’t stopped delivering high quality home heating fuel, and we’re not slowing down.

Our customers enjoy receiving heating oil from us because…

It’s low sulfur!

Low-sulfur heating oil lends itself to keeping your home heating equipment clean by significantly reducing sulfur content in the fuel. This improves the efficiency of your boiler or furnace and the condition, helping you save on repair and heating costs.

It contains a special additive!

Our heating oil is treated with UltraGuard™ - an additive that works to break down any sludge buildup and keeps your heating system’s filter, strainer and nozzle clean and free of blockage – all for a continuous, uninterrupted flow of fuel and comfort!

It’s Automatic!

Our automatic heating oil delivery service puts fuel in the tanks of our customers on an automatic basis – this means no need to pick up the phone and place an order for fuel or to keep an eye on your fuel levels. We’ll handle it all for you!

We’re more than just heating oil delivery!

In addition to delivering high-quality heating oil, we also excel at the sales, installation and maintenance of whole-home standby emergency generators and today’s modern, high-efficiency furnaces and boilers. If you’re not receiving heating oil deliveries and other home heating services from us, contact us online today to get started by enrolling in automatic delivery!